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What Does Shooketh Mean? SHOOKETH means “Shocked.” The term SHOOKETH is a slang word used to express shock (usually feigned or exaggerated). SHOOKETH became popular in 2017, when it was used by YouTube comedian Christine Sydelko to express her shock at being addressed by name by a cashier.

What does Shooketh mean in slang? SHOOKETH means “Shocked.” The term SHOOKETH is a slang word used to express shock (usually feigned or exaggerated). SHOOKETH became popular in 2017, when it was used by YouTube comedian Christine Sydelko to express her shock at being addressed by name by a cashier.

Where is Shooketh from? While the term became popularized in ’90s hip-hop and R&B music, it’s technically old English, the past tense of shake. To feel shook is to be shaken up by something, for better or worse. The 2017 clip of comedian Christine Sydelko saying “I am shooketh!” brought it into the mainstream.

Who invented the word Shooketh? The phrase I’m shooketh was first uttered by the comedian Christine Sydelko in a YouTube video uploaded to her account in 2017 (she was expressing her shock at having been recognized by a fan at Boston Market). The adjective shooketh took off as a way to lend biblical proportions to awestruck confusion.

What does Litty mean in text?

What does litty mean? When something is exceptionally great, intense, and fun, as a party, it can be described as litty, similar to other slang terms like dope, turnt, or poppin’. Litty often carries intoxication.

Where is Christine Sydelko now?

Her fans might miss her, but Sydelko is staying offline. This profile is part of NBC News’ series about former Vine stars, tied to the fifth anniversary of the platform’s death. Christine Sydelko spends most of her time doing jigsaw puzzles, reading books, applying for jobs, petting her dog and smoking weed.

What happened to Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko?

They parted ways in 2018 and later fell out publicly over disagreements about undelivered merch. At the time, Sydelko said Daniel had “ignored all his responsibilities” and failed to fulfill fans’ orders, while Daniel said he was trying to fix the problem.

When did shook become a word?

The earliest account of the word shook (as past tense of shake) goes back to Old English … it’s old. We can find the figurative shook, or extremely upset or moved in some way, in the 1800s. It can be positive or negative, such as being shook with a religious experience or being shook by a catastrophe.

What does the term sus mean?

Sus is used as a synonym of suspicious, or suspect, as in “you’ve been acting pretty sus, I think you’re up to something.” It’s a slang word used to say that someone or something shouldn’t be trusted.

What does tweaker mean in Urban Dictionary?

2 slang : a person who illicitly uses methamphetamine and especially crystal meth When he got like this, his neighbors would scream at him and threaten to call the cops, but they were tweakers too.—

What does Turnt mean?

Turnt means extremely excited, wild, or drunk. It can refer to a person’s state of mind, or to an atmosphere, such as at a party.

What does it mean itty bitty?

Definition of itty-bitty : extremely small : tiny.

What a pity meaning in English?

1 : a feeling of sadness or sympathy for the suffering or unhappiness of others. 2 : something that causes regret or disappointment What a pity that you can’t go. pity. verb.

What is the correct meaning of flabbergasted?

Definition of flabbergast transitive verb. : to overwhelm with shock, surprise, or wonder : dumbfound We were flabbergasted by the news that he had won the lottery.

What does being on fleek mean?

Definition of on fleek slang. : perfectly done : exactly right : excellent If your brows are on fleek, your life is on fleek—that’s just the way it goes.—

What is the synonym of Shook?

tremble, quiver, quake, shiver, shudder, shake like a leaf. rare quave. 3’she stood in the hall and shook her umbrella’ jiggle, joggle, wave from side to side. agitate.

Who is the merry Chrysler girl?

Christine Sydelko AKA the ‘Merry Chrysler’ girl launched into a world of internet fame in 2015, but what is she up to now? Well, now in her mid-twenties, the comedian made quite the career for herself over on YouTube after her Vine stardom.

Did Christine and Elijah date?

Christine Sydelko and Elijah Daniel announced their professional split back in January, but insisted they were still friends. However, judging by their latest tweets, we can sense a bit of tension between the vlogging duo.

Is Christine Sydelko Iranian?

Christine Sydelko (born March 27, 1994 (1994-03-27) [age 28]) is an Iranian-American comedian.

Why was Christine Sydelko Cancelled?

Sydelko, who had 1.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, quit the internet in 2019. She announced on Twitter in September 2019 that being an influencer was a “trivial” job and said she couldn’t stand the “fake drama” anymore.

What happened to Elijah Daniel?

Now, Daniel is on the “Final Tour” as Lil Phag, along with his fiancé (who goes by Dr. Woke), and he’s transitioning to the next stage of his career as an EDM artist and internet “Mark Cuban.” Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

What is Yolo slang?

YOLO – acronym meaning you only live once, used to express the view that one should make the most of the present moment without worrying about the future.

Does shook mean scared?

Shook S-H-O-O-K is a slang term that can be used as an adjective meaning shocked, surprised, or startled.

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