what does stone cold mean

What Does Stone Cold Mean? (idiomatic) Very cold; lacking any semblance of warmth. I forgot to turn on the burner under the soup and found it sitting there, still stone cold, twenty minutes later.

What does stone-cold mean slang? (idiomatic) Very cold; lacking any semblance of warmth. I forgot to turn on the burner under the soup and found it sitting there, still stone cold, twenty minutes later.

What does stone-cold killer mean? Wiktionary. stone-coldadjective. Without emotion. He was a stone-cold killer: he didn’t flinch as he took the shot.

Why is it called stone-cold? The new name was prompted by his then-wife Jeanie, who told him to drink a cup of tea before it became “stone cold”, while his new persona was inspired by serial killer Richard Kuklinski.

What is another word for stone-cold?

ruthless, unmerciful, relentless, unforgiving, heartless, cool, stiff.

What is a crackhead person?

noun. plural crackheads. Britannica Dictionary definition of CRACKHEAD. [count] informal. : a person who smokes the illegal drug crack.

What does getting browned off mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English browned off British English informal annoyed or bored SYN fed up They are getting browned off by the situation.

What is ice cold mean?

If you describe something as ice-cold, you are emphasizing that it is very cold. … delicious ice-cold beer. adjective. If you describe someone as ice-cold, you are emphasizing that they do not allow their emotions to affect them or that they lack feeling and friendliness.

What does cold heart mean?

adjective. lacking sympathy or feeling; indifferent; unkind.

What does stone heart mean?

Definition of a heart of stone : an inflexible and unfriendly or unkind disposition She has a heart of stone.

Did Stone Cold break his neck?

In what is probably one of the most famous broken bones in history, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin broke his neck in a match against Owen Hart at SummerSlam 1997. Steve Austin proved he was the “toughest S.O.B in the WWF” when he finished the match with a roll-up pin. This nearly ended his career.

What is a stone cold face?

Completely bereft of emotion or concern.

What is Steve Austin’s real name?

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin was born in Victoria, Texas, as Steven James Anderson, on December 18, 1964, the youngest of five children. His mother, Beverly Jane (Harrison), remarried to Kenneth Williams, and he took his stepfather’s surname. He played football at the North Texas State University.

What is the synonym of heartless?

Words related to heartless brutal, callous, cold-blooded, cruel, harsh, inhuman, insensitive, merciless, ruthless, uncaring, unkind, cold fish, cold-hearted, hard, hard as nails, hard-boiled, hard-hearted, obdurate, pitiless, savage.

What is the synonym of word stiff?

rigid, hard, firm, hardened, inelastic, non-flexible, inflexible, ungiving. rare impliable, unmalleable. flexible, plastic, limp. 2’mix to a stiff paste’ semi-solid, viscous, viscid, thick, stiffened.

What is a coke head?

noun. plural cokeheads. Britannica Dictionary definition of COKEHEAD. [count] informal. : a person who uses cocaine as an illegal drug : a cocaine addict.

What does get cracked mean?

to start doing something quickly: Get cracking (= hurry), or we’ll miss the train.

What does painting the town red mean?

Definition of paint the town (red) : to go out drinking, dancing, etc.

What is the meaning of the idiom to paint the town red?

Meaning: To go for an enjoyable night out. Example: Let’s go dancing tonight and paint the town red!

What does the expression hand over fist mean?

: quickly and in large amounts making money hand over fist.

What is a push slang?

Slang. to sell illicit drugs. to move on being pushed: a swinging door that pushes easily. SEE MORE. noun. the act of pushing; a shove or thrust.

Is Snowy a real word?

adjective, snow·i·er, snow·i·est. abounding in or covered with snow: snowy fields. characterized by snow, as the weather: a snowy day.

What does MID mean urban dictionary?

“Mid” is defined by Urban Dictionary as a word “used to insult or degrade an opposing opinion, labelling it as average or poor quality”. It’s essentially a snappy shorthand for mid-tier or mediocre – not terrible, but nothing to get excited about, either.

What does cold mean in a relationship?

Sometimes relationships go cold because one or both partners have immature skills for coping with feelings. Splitting is a defense mechanism that young children use when they don’t get what they want.

Why is a person cold-hearted?

Someone who’s coldhearted is detached and unfeeling. It would be coldhearted to stand there, not caring, when you see a little kid fall and hurt herself. Most people are sympathetic and warm, but those who don’t have much feeling for others are coldhearted.

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