what does thanking the bus driver do

What Does Thanking The Bus Driver Do? What does ‘thanking the Bus Driver’ do in Fortnite? Thanking the Bus Driver in Fortnite doesn’t give you any perks or change anything in the game. It’s simply a fun little feature for players to discover – and a way to show their virtual appreciation. Read More: When is Naruto coming to Fortnite?

Do you get XP for thanking the bus driver? Usually, when players thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite, nothing special happens. They don’t get any XP, Gold Bars, or V-bucks (just in case some players might be wondering). It’s just a little Easter egg that Epic Games added back in 2018.

Why should I thank the bus driver? It does not provide any gameplay advantage to thank the bus driver. It is just a little fun thing, probably based on the “thanking the bus driver makes you a better/more successful person” meme.

What is thank the bus driver in Fortnite? Now players can hit the B key on computers, or press down on D-pad on console, to thank the driver before jumping out of the battle bus. On the bottom left of the screen, a message will display saying “[player] has thanked the bus driver.”

What happens when you gift the bus driver?

Fortnite’s bus driver gives secret reward for 4,000 Gold Bar tip. If Fortnite players ever find themselves with too much gold on their hands, an option to show charity and generosity is available to them.

What happens if you don’t thank the bus driver in Fortnite?

If you don’t press this button before you exit the bus, you’ll be unable to thank the bus driver properly and will need to start a new game to successfully do it. If you happen to see your name in the chat box after thanking the bus driver, you’ll know you were successful.

Can you drive the bus in Fortnite?

The only way players will be able to drive this battle bus is if they head over to The Sanctuary and jump in! As well, if you turn the radio on while driving around the Fortnite island, the bus itself turns into a driveable party.

Why do Australians thank bus drivers?

It’s a simple concept — people say thanks to the bus driver for all their hard work, and this is a small gesture of politeness that just… makes everything better. It’s a very gentle meme, one that’s centred not on “edginess” or “dankness” or “skateboards”, but on just being a good citizen.

When did thanking the bus driver become a thing?

Thanking the bus driver in Fortnite became something of an in-joke for players for some time, until it was finally introduced as a fun little feature in 2018.

Do people thank bus drivers?

At the time of writing, a BuzzFeed poll had found that more than 15,300 people said they thanked the driver – 82% of respondents – while just 8% admitted to alighting in silence.

Why does the Fortnite bus honk?

After some testing me and my friends have been using this to get to the marker quicker than others. Additionally if you place a marker somewhere straight under the path of the bus right at the start of the route, the battle bus horn will sound before you can even drop.

What happens if u give the bus driver a big tip?

If you leave the bus driver a large tip, a message will appear in the kill feed, noting that you have made the tip. It’ll read “[Your username] very generously tipped the bus driver!” The message lasts for about three seconds before disappearing from the screen.

What happens if you give the bus driver 4000 gold?

Upon tipping 4,000 gold bars, the player’s name was shown in the kill feed, and this sound was played simultaneously. It looks like the Battle Bus driver is reciprocating the generous tip with a special honk. All in all, tipping the bus driver is a massive flex that players can do in-game.

What happens when you tip bus driver 4000 gold?

You have the option to give a small tip or a large tip. Tipping small does nothing, but if you tip 4,000 gold it will go towards the spending bars challenge. You’ll get 12k xp for completing that secret mission/achievement. However, you’ll also get a notification in the kill feed.

How do you do the Fortnite dance?

You should be able to see your emote wheel when you press down the Down Arrow button during a match, and you can choose a dance or emote with your right analog stick. Once you’re hovering around the emote you want to cast, you’ll need to press A or X, or simply let go of the arrow key and your movement stick.

How do u crouch in Fortnite PS4?

Instead of pressing the right control stick, you’ll have to press the left bumper (L1 on the PS4/PS5). This will toggle the crouch status.

What do propane tanks look like in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, propane tanks are small red canisters that have graffiti on the side. They can be found all over the island, but The Rig has the highest concentration of them by far. There are two really good spots on The Rig you’ll want to visit. One is in the northeast corner, right next to the building marked #2.

What is the new map on Fortnite?

Chapter 3 introduces a new Fortnite map, containing a new set of named locations and landmarks, for you to explore. When you first start playing, the map will be slate grey, but, by visiting the various named locations and landmarks, you’ll be able to bring it to life.

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