what does understudy mean

What Does Understudy Mean? : to study another actor’s part in order to substitute in an emergency. transitive verb. : to prepare (a part or character) as understudy also : to prepare as understudy to (an actor)

What does it mean to understudy someone? : to study another actor’s part in order to substitute in an emergency. transitive verb. : to prepare (a part or character) as understudy also : to prepare as understudy to (an actor)

Is being an understudy good? Understudies really do incredible work and you learn so much because you have so much to do. I was very lucky; the cast has of Beautiful Thing helped me so much learning the blocking and props and everything. That also teaches you about how important it is to work together as a team.

Does understudy mean student? 1. A performer who understudies. 2. A person trained to do the work of another.

How do you use understudy in a sentence?

Understudy sentence example Frank was the understudy for the role of jester on the sidelines in a cast. His place was therefore taken by an amateur understudy who had to enter the arena from the stables on a white horse. In the 1999-2000 campaign Wilson made just three appearances – playing understudy to Adam Sollitt.

Do understudies get paid?

Understudying roles also comes with additional pay. Swings, who understudy multiple ensemble tracks, earn $101.70 over the performer minimum, or $15 if a performer is only a partial swing. Understudying principal roles can add $54.50 to the weekly salary, while understudying chorus roles adds $15.

What is the opposite of understudy?

noun. ( ˈʌndɝˌstədi) An actor able to replace a regular performer when required. Antonyms. primary pro refrain noncyclic. standby player.

Do understudies get to rehearse?

Understudies will attend rehearsal regularly. Each understudy should schedule their afternoon, evening and Saturday hours to attend as much rehearsal time in the room as possible.

Are understudies important?

Understudies are guaranteed to deliver an exceptional performance every time they’re on stage, so while they may be covering a role, you’ll still see a world-class show. You may also see an understudy as a lead role in another show, so you’ll want to see these rising stars in action.

What does understudy mean in acting?

Understudy- is a regular member of the cast, usually in the chorus, and who can also play one of the leading roles. Actors affectionately refer to an understudy’s first time on stage as “shove with love,” when the other performers gently guide the newbie, making sure they hit all their marks.

Why is being an understudy valuable to an actor?

Aside from earning a weekly paycheck, understudies are privileged to be part of a company of actors and fellow creative artists, and to work on often complex, wonderful material. Strong relationships are forged; frequently, an understudy will, in subsequent productions, be cast in an on-stage role by the same director.

What’s the difference between a standby and an understudy?

An understudy is a performer cast in the ensemble of a musical (or a minor role in a play) who is responsible for covering a lead or supporting role. A standby is an off-stage performer whose sole responsibility is to cover the lead (usually a star) in a production.

What does stand in mean?

A stand-in is a person who takes someone else’s place or does someone else’s job for a while, for example because the other person is ill or away. He was a stand-in for my regular doctor.

Is it hard to get on Broadway?

Broadway is very competitive–extremely competitive–but it’s also wonderful and rewarding and an experience like no other. Do the work now that will get you in the right doors, get you in the right auditions, get you in the right BFA programs, and get you in the right shows. That’s what’s going to get you on Broadway.

Do Broadway actors sing live?

In some ensemble dance numbers, yes the vocals are prerecorded. It depends on the show.

What is a word for not studying?

synonyms for un-studied offhand. spontaneous. unscripted.

What is a trainee called?

apprentice, cadet, learner, pupil, abecedarian, amateur, colt, greenhorn, neophyte, newcomer, novice, novitiate, recruit, rookie, starter, student, tenderfoot, tyro.

What is a walking cover?

A Walking Cover is a name for a performer who does not appear on stage during a typical evening’s performance but waits backstage ready to go on for a specific role. They are often utilized for particularly demanding roles such as Eva Peron, The Phantom, Elphaba, etc., in addition to First and Second Covers.

What is a cover on Broadway?

For those who don’t know, a “cover” is an actor who goes on for another actor in a show when, for whatever reason, that actor “calls out” of the show and there are three types. There is the “offstage standby,” the “understudy,” and the offstage “swing.” On Broadway there are always two covers for every track.

How often do understudies perform Broadway?

How often do understudies perform? Eight shows a week is a standard theater schedule. They’re trained to work that schedule.

What are understudies in Broadway?

For those unfamiliar with the terminology: Understudies can fill in for one or more of a play or musical’s principal characters. They may regularly appear onstage in a smaller role or they may spend most nights backstage, performing only if needed. Swings have no regular role in a show.

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