what does whizzed mean

What Does Whizzed Mean? plural whizzes. Definition of whiz (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : a hissing, buzzing, or whirring sound. 2 : a movement or passage of something accompanied by a whizzing sound. 3 sometimes vulgar : an act of urinating —used especially in the phrase take a whiz.

What does whizzed mean in slang? plural whizzes. Definition of whiz (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : a hissing, buzzing, or whirring sound. 2 : a movement or passage of something accompanied by a whizzing sound. 3 sometimes vulgar : an act of urinating —used especially in the phrase take a whiz.

What is meaning of whizzed in Urdu? 1. WHIZZED R. Verb. Report Error! جلدی سے گزرا ، شوق کی آواز سے گزر گیا ۔

What does it mean to dismantle something?

1 : to disconnect the pieces of will have to dismantle the engine also : to destroy the integrity or functioning of The program was later dismantled due to a lack of funding. 2 : to strip of dress or covering : divest. 3 : to strip of furniture and equipment dismantled the ship before scrapping it.

What is the meaning of whizzed past him?

1. To pass or seem to pass by someone or something with great speed. (Can be used with or without a direct object.) The car whizzed past so fast that I couldn’t make out the numbers on its license plate.

What does whizzed mean in coin grading?

Whizzing is created when a mechanical wire brush is taken to the surface of a coin at high speed. The result is a coin that has the appearance of brilliant luster but is distinctly not mint created luster. Whizzed coins can be identified by features that are different from a coin with true mint luster.

What means seethed?

intransitive verb. 1 : to suffer violent internal excitement seethe with jealousy. 2a : to be in a state of rapid agitated movement. b : to churn or foam as if boiling. 3 archaic : boil.

What is the sentence of whizzing?

Whizzing sentence example One ball after another came whizzing near him. She spent most of the time whizzing round calling for the others. Within minutes the first Black-browed albatrosses are whizzing past, often within meters of the boat.

Is mantle the opposite of dismantle?

As all this extension of meaning went on, dismantle lost its primary sense of removing clothing or coverings, but mantle still retained the sense of covering something as with a mantle. Possibly the retention of the noun sense of mantle as a cloak helped the verb to stay alive. So the neat opposites became lopsided.

What’s the opposite to dismantle?

Opposite of to take apart or break down. assemble. build. construct. produce.

What does dismantle mean in government?

Dismantle is a verb used for both physical things and ideas. You can dismantle a campground by taking down the tents and breaking apart the fire logs, or you can dismantle a government by going against its leadership and bringing down its rule.

What does blink of an eye mean?

phrase [oft in PHR] If you say that something happens in the blink of an eye, you mean that it happens very quickly. It was all over in the blink of an eye.

How do you spell math whiz?

A wiz is someone who’s highly skilled or knowledgeable in a particular field or activity. Wiz is an informal word. It’s a shortening of wizard, which can have the same meaning. It’s especially used in combination with the field that the person is skilled in, as in computer wiz or math wiz.

What is the English meaning of derailing?

transitive verb. 1 : to cause to run off the rails. 2a : to obstruct the progress of : frustrate security problems derailed the tour.

How do you tell if a coin has been whizzed?

The best method of detection is to look at the devices for tell-tale signs of whizzing. These signs are ridges or crests of metal attached to a letter, digit or device. In addition, the pattern of alteration will usually be unidirectional, giving the coin a flashy but too-uniform pseudo-luster.

What are bag marks on a coin?

A-”Bag marks” are small nicks and smudges on an uncirculated silver dollar (or other coin type) caused when one dollar hits another, either during the minting process or in the bags used to ship coins to banks. Such imperfections are more common on larger, heavier coins.

How do you know you’re wheezing?

The symptoms of wheezing include a musical or whistling sound and labored breathing, particularly when exhaling; sometimes they’re accompanied by a feeling of tightening in the chest.

What does wheezing sound like in lungs?

What Wheezing Sounds Like. Wheezing is simply a whistling sound made when breathing. It is typically heard when a person exhales (breathes out) and sounds like a high-pitched whistle. Sometimes it is heard when inhaling — or breathing in — as well.

What is the cause asthma?

Asthma triggers Exposure to various irritants and substances that trigger allergies (allergens) can trigger signs and symptoms of asthma. Asthma triggers are different from person to person and can include: Airborne allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander or particles of cockroach waste.

What is Mald?

mald (comparative malder, superlative maldest) (slang, video games, neologism) Extremely angry.

What are Sinisters?

[more sinister; most sinister] : having an evil appearance : looking likely to cause something bad, harmful, or dangerous to happen. There was something sinister about him. He looked sinister.

What does ill disguised mean?

adjective. badly concealed or hidden.

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