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What Does Wording Mean? noun. the act or manner of expressing in words; phrasing. the particular choice of words in which a thing is expressed: He liked the thought but not the wording.

What is the full meaning of wording? noun. the act or manner of expressing in words; phrasing. the particular choice of words in which a thing is expressed: He liked the thought but not the wording.

What is another term for wording? In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for wording, like: way of putting it, couching, locution, phrasing, turn-of-phrase, contents, expression, style, parlance, phraseology and verbalism.

Is wording a real word?

wording [usually sing.] the words that are used in a piece of writing or speech, especially when they have been carefully chosen: It was the standard form of wording for a consent letter.

Is wording singular or plural?

The noun wording can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be wording. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be wordings e.g. in reference to various types of wordings or a collection of wordings.

What does the word wadding mean?

Definition of wadding 1 : wads or material for making wads. 2 : a soft mass or sheet of short loose fibers used for stuffing or padding.

What is wording in sentence?

Definition of wording : the act or manner of expressing in words : phraseology. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About wording.

What is an example of verbiage?

The manner in which something is expressed in words. Software verbiage. Verbiage is an excess of words to express what is meant. An example of verbiage is the language Shakespeare used in his written work.

How do you reword something?

Enter hard sentences (or whole chapters) into the yellow box at the top of the page. (You can also enter a web site URL.) Click Rewordify text and you’ll instantly see an easier version, for fast understanding. The reworded words are highlighted— click them to hear and learn the original harder word.

What is the plural of wording?

wording (countable and uncountable, plural wordings) A choice of words and the style in which they are used in a given context.

Is it pronounced verbage or verbiage?

Verbiage (pronounce ver-bee-ij) is the correct spelling of this word. It is a noun that means excessive language that is often needlessly ornate or opaque. Traditionally, this word has taken on a pejorative sense, but over time it has become more neutral.

What does phraseology study?

Phraseology can be defined as the study of structure, meaning and use of phraseological units. Phraseology has only recently been recognized as a field of study in the American tradition, but it has strong roots in the European, particu- larly Russian and East European, linguistic traditions.

What is wading in the water?

to walk in water, when partially immersed: He wasn’t swimming, he was wading. to play in water: The children were wading in the pool most of the afternoon. to walk through water, snow, sand, or any other substance that impedes free motion or offers resistance to movement: to wade through the mud.

What is the real definition of hoarding?

Overview. Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. A person with hoarding disorder experiences distress at the thought of getting rid of the items. Excessive accumulation of items, regardless of actual value, occurs.

What is wadding sheet?

Wadding sheets is stretchable sheets of cotton padding used to cover the skin before a cast is applied. The stretching allows for some extremity edema without the cast becoming too tight.

What are wadding threads?

Wadding threads(special threads) may be sometimes inserted in between normal warp threads. The main purpose of wadding threads is to increase the prominence of the cords and also to increase the weight, bulk and strength of the fabric.

What is wadding in sewing?

Quilt batting is used in various sewing and quilting projects, is also known as wadding. It is used as a layer of insulation between fabrics used in quilt making. Batting is the filling of quilts and makes them warm and heavy.

How do you use Incogitant in a sentence?

Students too frequently entrust their education with lazy, ignorant, and incogitant tutors. The pharisaical, malefic, and incogitant guidelines for bias-free writing is a product of pointy-headed wowsers. Some people are incogitant and careless. The city was filled with incogitant litterbugs.

What does proper verbiage mean?

1 : a profusion of words usually of little or obscure content such a tangled maze of evasive verbiage as a typical party platform— Marcia Davenport. 2 : manner of expressing oneself in words : diction sportswriters guarded their verbiage so jealously— R. A. Sokolov.

What is the opposite of apostle?

Opposite of a vigorous and pioneering advocate or supporter of a particular policy, idea, or cause. opponent. adversary. antagonist. critic.

How long is a paragraph supposed to be?

A paragraph usually deals with a single idea. In general, you’ll have an introductory sentence expressing that idea, and several supporting sentences to round it off. Paragraphs are usually about 100 – 200 words long, but there are more exceptions to this rule-of-thumb than you’d expect.

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