what episode does beth get attacked in yellowstone

What Episode Does Beth Get Attacked In Yellowstone? The Attack on Beth (Season 3, Episode 7) In Season 2, Beth was attacked by two masked men in her office, and she was beaten and nearly raped after watching her assistant die.

Who attacked Beth in Season 2 Yellowstone? If you ask Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), Jamie (Wes Bentley) was responsible for the attacks that nearly killed her, her father John (Kevin Costner), and her brother Kayce (Luke Grimes), and she’s not going to let that go anytime soon.

What happened to Beth in Yellowstone Season 2? This is a tough as nails ranch boss who saved her life and got shot up when she was about to be tortured and murdered by mercenaries in Season Two (he killed both thugs), and exhumed his buried mother to be able to give Beth her wedding ring.

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