what is a varient comic

What Is A Varient Comic? In comic books, a variant cover (sometimes variant edition) refers to an issue of a comic book printed with multiple covers, each with unique cover art.

Are variant comics worth more? Anything less is a great buy. If it’s 1:100, expect it to be about $100. This isn’t an exact science but should give you a baseline for price expectations. Less in demand comics can sell for significantly less, where in-demand variants can sell for significantly more.

How do you tell if a comic is a variant? If it was a long-running series, and let’s say I had issue number 300, then the first three digits would be “300”. The fourth digit of the code is “2” this tells us that my comic is a variant. Regular comics always have a “1” assigned to them. Any other number tells you that your comic is a variant.

Why do comics have variants? Incentive Variants are actually designed to help comics shops. If a store orders a certain number of copies of a new Spider-Man comic, they qualify for a copy of a special, ultra-limited variant. The idea is selling that incentive variant for big money will help the store owner break even on the larger order.

What is a 1/25 variant comic?

A 1:25 variant means 1 variant is produced for every 25 regular covers printed. Any print run can have any number of ratio variants (1:25, 1:50, 1:500). As the ratio increases, so does the rarity of that variant.

What is a 9.8 comic?

The Grading Scale So a 9.8 is not mint; it’s technically near mint/mint. There are still two grades above it, 9.9 MINT and 10.0 Gem Mint (like our boy Gem Mint). Although CGC hasn’t published their actual grading criteria, they have published their grading scale.

What are Whitman variants?

What a “whitman variant” really means is an early direct market comic not distributed by Marvel and most likely distributed by Western publishing between 1977 and 1979 distinguishable by a diamond.

What does virgin mean in comic books?

Virgin variants, if you’re not aware of them, are comic book covers that do not feature a logo or any other sort of trade dress, so that you can appreciate the art of the cover without any encumbrances.

How can I tell if a comic is a reprint?

One easy way is to check and see if the cover has the comic code on it. The reprinted K-B Toys edition does not have this on the cover. Also check the inside printing information as it will state when the book was printed.

What is an unlockable comic variant?

These are A/B cover variants marketed to retailers as ideal for pull list customers. A/B covers, unlockable. Variant covers that are normally regular price but require you to order a certain number of the A cover before you can order an equivalent number of the B cover. Example: Oni Press’ upcoming Heartthrob #1.

Should I get variant covers?

You don’t necessarily need the the variant cover to reflect the content of the book because a collection-minded fan will buy all the issues. They’ll have their standard version that matches the content and then the variant that fits into a theme or is just special because of its special specialness.

Why do comic books have different covers?

The most common way, which the majority of publisher do, is used variant covers as incentives to order more copies of an issue. This could be for every 10, 25, 50 or even 200 copies a retailer orders they are eligible for a particular variant cover.

What comic has the most variants?

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) No. 666 holds the record for the single issue with the most variants at 145 different covers.

What does a 1/100 comic mean?

A 1:100 ratio refers to the amount of comics that the store owner must purchase of the standard A cover (in most cases) to receive one specialty variant cover like the ones you see below To receive one of the variant covers below, the store had to purchase 100 individual copies of the regular cover Subscribe to Key …

What is a foil variant comic?

A cover of a comic book that has had a thin metallic foil hot stamped on it. This can be a partial stamp where just the logo or a character is in foil – or the foil can be the whole of the cover. See also Chromium, Prism, Hologram Cover.

What is CGC census?

The CGC Census is a detailed report of the comics, magazines and lobby cards graded by CGC, listing the total number of CGC-certified examples in each grade for every issue.

Is a 9.6 comic good?

A 9.6 is still an outstanding grade and can be had for less than the cost of a 9.8. There really is a clear difference between a high 9.8 and a high 9.6.

Are Whitman Comics rare?

Whitman, September 1980. This is one of the rarest of all and high quality copies can go for astounding sums, especially considering the content of the issue reprints stories from previous comics.

What happened to Gold Key comics?

Random House had previously acquired Dell Publishing though a series of mergers since 1976, effectively reuniting the remnants Gold Key Comics and Dell Comics. On July 23, 2012, Classic Media was acquired by DreamWorks Animation for $155 million and renamed DreamWorks Classics.

Are Whitman Comics valuable?

There are relatively few ‘rare’ comic books from the 1980s, but the Whitman issues distributed in plastic bags must qualify. Collectors have long identified these as among the most difficult of issues to track down. There are few copies of each certified by CGC, and high-grade copies are really tough.

How is Loki a variant?

Yes, the version of Loki featured in his self-titled Disney Plus series is classed as a variant, following the events of 2019 blockbuster Avengers: Endgame. The “real” Loki died at the beginning of Infinity War, after a noble last-ditch effort to stop Thanos ended with the Mad Titan choking him to death.

Why are Loki variants different?

Am I missing something? Don’t forget: Loki does have magical illusion casting powers. All of the variants most likely do as well. Those variants who look different probably do because thats how each one chooses to represent themselves.

Why does Loki have variants?

As is the way of the Asgardians, Loki is reborn following his death at the hands of the Void. But this time, things are different – because of the power of the Void, Loki is reborn a fresh soul, with the stains of his past mischief wiped away, in the body of an adolescent child.

What does trade variant mean?

A variant describes any comic book cover that isn’t the main Cover A or Cover B. Store Exclusives are unique covers made for a specific comic retailer. If these store exclusives have the trade dress, then they’re called Trade Dress Variants.

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