what is joven plural in spanish

What Is Joven Plural In Spanish? jóvenes m pl. plural of joven: young people.

How do you conjugate joven? Joven will be used for both feminine and masculine. To make joven plural we have to add -es since it ends in a consonant. Therefore, it becomes jóvenes. If the adjective ends in a consonant we add -es to make it plural.

What is the Spanish word for your plural?

So yes, as we’ve seen above, “his,” “her,” “their,” formal “your” and “its” are all the same word in Spanish: su. As with vosotros (the plural informal you), vuestro/vuestra is not used in Latin America; su is used instead.

Is Joven a word?

A young person, animal, or plant has not lived for very long.

What is the meaning of the name joven?

Name. Joven. Meaning. Youth; Wealth; Life; Happiness.

Is País plural?

In the last question, ‘países’ was marked wrong with the correct one being ‘paises’. Shouldn’t it be the other way round? Yes, you’re right!

What is La Habitación plural?

la habitación NOUN (plural, las habitaciones) room; bedroom.

How do you spell Viejito?

1. viejo: viejo (vieja) m. old man.

What is the plural of Alto?

1 alto /ˈæltoʊ/ noun. plural altos.

Does joven have an accent?

Yes, “jóvenes” needs the accent mark, on the third-to-last syllable.

What is the plural form of Guapa in Spanish?

guapo m (feminine singular guapa, masculine plural guapos, feminine plural guapas)

Does Serio mean serious?

Serious problems or situations are very bad and cause people to be worried or afraid.

Is Joven a common name?

“Joven” is not a popular baby boy’s name in California as reported in the 2016 U.S. Social Security Administration data (ssa.gov).

What is the plural of La Senora?

Noun. señora (plural señoras) A Spanish term of address equivalent to Mrs., used alone or capitalized and prefixed to the name of a married, divorced or widowed woman.

How do you make La Senora plural?

The plural form of senora is senoras.

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