what is livevox call

What Is Livevox Call? What is LiveVox? LiveVox’s Call and Screen Recording Capabilities is a fully integrated solution that provides complete visibility on 100% of agent-customer interactions to help drive performance, quality, and compliance via synchronized screen, call, and multichannel recording capabilities.

What is LiveVox? About us. LiveVox is a next-generation contact center platform that powers more than 14 billion interactions a year. We seamlessly integrate omnichannel communications, CRM, and WFO capabilities to deliver an exceptional agent and customer experience while reducing compliance risk.

Is LiveVox a collection agency? LiveVox’s collections call center software combines compliance-focused omnichannel outreach with a range of additional capabilities that will empower agents and drive operational efficiency so you stand out from the crowd.

How does LiveVox HCI work?

The LiveVox HCI is a manual dialing system in which a human clicker agent must click a button on a screen to make the system dial a telephone number. The system has, thus far, been found not to be an Automatic Telephone Dialing System in numerous jurisdictions across the country.

What is HCI dialing?

A battle-tested, TCPA-focused dialing system for cell phone engagement that maximizes productivity over manual dialing and mitigates risk.

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