what is supermariologan’s address

What Is Supermariologan’s Address? Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer Revealed The Inquisitors – The Loop The Old SML House is a suburban one-story home located in Cantonment, Florida. This house is known as being the primary filming location for SML videos from 2007 to 2015, and has since made minor appearances.

Where is the SML house located? Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer Revealed The Inquisitors – The Loop The Old SML House is a suburban one-story home located in Cantonment, Florida. This house is known as being the primary filming location for SML videos from 2007 to 2015, and has since made minor appearances.

Where does SML live in Florida? Cobra Kai Season 4 – The Loop. Loganville (Real name: Pensacola, Florida or just simply Florida) is a city where all the SML characters live.

Where does Logan from Supermariologan live? Super Mario Logan is the creation of a 23-year-old man named Logan Thirtyacre, who lives in Pensacola, Florida. According to crowdsourced biographies on websites like Fandom and Know Your Meme, Thirtyacre has been uploading short videos to YouTube since late 2007, beginning shortly after his 13th birthday.

Where does Jeffy the puppet live?

The story unfolds when his parents move to California. At this time his little sister, Freebee dies when she is killed in a bike accident. Later on, Jeffy gets dropped off at Bowser and Mario’s department as her other gets tired of the antics he carries out. Jeffy then starts to live with Mario’s family.

Does Super Mario Logan have a kid?

On December 25, 2021, Logan has now confirmed he is 100% expecting his first child with Chilly. The gender was revealed as a girl on December 30, 2021.

Is Logan dating chilly?

Chilly Jimenez (born Ladye Wanda Jimenez) is the girlfriend of Logan Thirtyacre. She has portrayed several characters in the SML series.

How old is SML Logan?

The puppeteer was born on November 17th, 1994; therefore, as of 2021, SML Logan is 27 years old.

Who lives in the SML house?

In SML Movies, the room also became a secondary living room in which Mario, Rosalina, Jeffy, Junior, Joseph, Cody, and sometimes Black Yoshi and Chef Pee Pee would commonly hang out and watch TV in this room.

Are Logan and Lance Brothers?

Lance Ashton Thirtyacre (known online as SML Lance) is an American YouTuber, puppeteer, actor, and voice actor. He is known for making comedy videos. He is Logan Thirtyacre’s older brother as well as his business partner. Lance is best known for his roles as Jeffy, Goodman, Jackie Chu, Black Yoshi, and Shrek.

What is Chillys real name?

First video Chilly Jimenez (born: Ladye Wanda Jimenez; September 28, 1995 (1995-09-28) [age 26]), is an American YouTube vlogger who is Titototter’s younger sister and Logan Thirtyacre’s girlfriend.

What is Jeffy full name?

Jeffy Jeffy François Wilfred is one of the main characters and a student at Y U DUMB? Elementary School, and the adoptive son of Mario and Rosalina. Jeffy is the biological son of the painter Jacques Pierre François and Nancy.

Where is Jeffy from?

Jeffy was first born in a porta-potty at 7 Jeffy Street Paris, France, on August 21, 2004, to prostitute Nancy and painter Jacques Pierre François.

What grade is Jeffy?

It was confirmed to be over in Jeffy’s Scary Movie! when mentioning Jeffy passed fourth grade. The series is also like the previous two school series as it also shows the students’ daily lives before and after the school day begins.

When was Bowser Jr born?

History. Bowser Junior was born on September 28, 2008, to Shelby and Bowser in Cantonment, Florida.

What age is chef pee pee?

Chef Pee Pee was born on July 27, 1989 in Paris, France.

How old is Lovell from SML?

Lovell is turning 27 years old in 175 days He provides the voice of several characters on the SuperMarioLogan channel created by Logan Thirtyacre.

Why was SML deleted?

This video was deleted by YouTube on August 22, 2019 for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service, likely because of the Nazi jokes present as well as the Nazi Cheeseburger being present in the video. SML Movie SuperPowers!

Is smg4 kid friendly?

Are kids under 13 allowed to watch smg4 videos | Fandom. There is no age restriction on watching his videos, though they do cover profane and sexual topics in a facetious manner that can leave children misinformed at best.

Are Tito and chilly siblings?

Ladye Wanda Jimenez mostly known as Chilly is a Titototter cast member. She’s the sister of Tito Jimenez, who runs the Titototter channel, and she helps Tito with his videos. She portrays a lot of characters, such as Tails and Panda.

Who plays Rosalina in SML?

Elaina Marie Keyes is an American puppeteer, singer, and voice actress. She is a voice actress in the SML videos and is best known for providing the voice of Rosalina. As of June 2016, she voiced six SML characters.

Who is Roy get hard?

Roy Gethard is a former minor antagonist in the SML series. He was the world’s former coolest kid before losing his title to PJ Crenshaw. He is also the main antagonist of The School Dance!, Bowser Junior’s House Party!, and Roy’s Cool Lessons!

Who made Jeffy?

This is an original Jeffy Jeffy puppet made at Beacon Art Studios by Evelinka from Etsy. Evelinka also made the original Jeffy that is used in Logan’s videos. The puppet is 22 inches from top to toe . This is the excact same puppet that we have been selling on Etsy.

Who is Logan thirtyacre dad?

Kelly Fay Thirtyacre is the biological father of Logan and Lance. He was mentioned in Logan’s “Draw My Life” video.

Who is PJ Crenshaw?

PJ Brandon Crenshaw (also known as Jimmy-Jams Crenshaw or Pair a’ Jammies Crenshaw) is a character that has been mentioned in various SML Movies and made his first appearance in PJ Crenshaw!. PJ Crenshaw is based on a real kid who bullied Logan & Pablo in middle school.

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