what is the mayors password ff7

What Is The Mayors Password Ff7? it will be MAKO.

How do you get the mayor’s password in ff7? Head back to the mayor once you have all four letters. He’ll give you a list of six words to choose from so just rearrange your letters until it matches one of them. If you get it right on the first try you’ll get the keycard along with a Elemental materia.

What is Red XIII real name? Red XIII (レッドXIII, Reddo Sātīn, pronounced “Red Thirteen”), birth name Nanaki (ナナキ), is a powerful, intelligent member of an unnamed canine species with the ability to speak.

What does Mayor Domino give you?

Gameplay. Mayor Domino’s character model in Final Fantasy VII. In Final Fantasy VII, during “Storming the Shinra Building”, Domino, and his deputy Hart, are involved in a small puzzle. Domino tells Cloud that if he guesses the right password, he’ll give him his keycard and a reward.

How does Elementria work?

Elemental Materia adds the element of the linked materia to your equipment. For example, if Elemental Materia equipped into a slot that’s linked to Fire Materia, that piece of equipment will gain the fire element. When slotted into Weapons, that weapon’s basic attacks will deal additional elemental damage.

How do I get to Shinra headquarters?

3: Use Entrance Or Back Door To Enter Shinra Building You can enter Shinra Building in 2 ways; through entrance or from back door. If you use the entrance, you will encounter enemies randomly. If you take the back door, you have to climb up long stairs to reach 60F.

Where can I steal Hardedge?

The Hardedge can be obtained in Shinra Bldg. with the Steal Materia, stolen from the SOLDIER:3rd enemies. This allows the weapon to be acquired much earlier than otherwise, and means the player can forego purchasing the weaker Mythril Saber.

How do I get out of the building in shinra?

You’ll be given authorization to open three security doors at a time. Exit and circle the perimeter of the floor counterclockwise until a door on the far side blocks your path. Open it and proceed to the left door on the near side of the next section of hallway.

Where can I find soldier 3?

Data. SOLDIER:3rd is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII encountered during the raid on the upper floors of the Shinra Bldg.. They are SOLDIER Third Class and have the Hardedge as a stealable item, a weapon for Cloud that considerably boosts his Attack power at this point in the game.

Is Cait Sith a robot?

Personality. As he is merely a robot controlled by Reeve Tuesti, Cait Sith’s character can be difficult to perceive.

How did Red XIII lose his eye?

Red XIII sacrifices himself to their capture so that Deneh can escape. Both of his eyes are intact during this prequel chapter, which takes place shortly before FF7 proper begins. Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania explains Red XIII lost his eye while being held captive by Hojo, whom the Turks brought him to.

Is Vincent Valentine a vampire?

5 He’s Considered A Horror-Terror But Vincent isn’t actually a vampire and there is nothing past his looks and sleeping situation to suggest that he is. In game-lore, his “job title” is classified as a Horror-Terror and Vincent’s Limit Break sees him transforming into a variety of rampaging monstrosities.

Who is Palmer ff7?

Palmer is the head of Shinra Electric Power Company’s failed Space Program in the Final Fantasy VII series. He continues to act as an executive at the Shinra Company, even if his department is mostly defunct.

What is four slots ff7?

[Four Slots] is an armor with, as the name implies, four separate slots. Four Slots, however, has extremely low defense compared to other armors we have access to. This is great because it allow us to reach our limit bar faster, while not sacrificing Materia slots.

What does elemental Materia do ff7?

Elemental Materia add a type of damage — Fire, Ice, Lightning, or Wind — to your basic attack or a resistance to a type of damage to your armor. You need two things to make it work, though.

How do I get to the 69th floor in ff7?

Go all the way along it until you find two purple Potions, then climb back down and enter the door from the ground floor. The green bars of light won’t hurt you; run through them and pick up two more Potions before climbing up the stairs to the 69th floor.

What floor is aerith?

Repeat that for the next light and she’ll drop into the kiosk, obtain the keycard, and find out that Aerith is being held in Hojo’s lab on the 59th floor.

How tall is the Shinra Building?

The Shinra Building is 70 stories tall, with elevators and an emergency stairwell used to navigate between them. The first three floors constitute the lobby, but the higher floors require an elevator or the emergency stairwell to visit.

Is Hardedge better than the Buster Sword?

It seems like the Buster Sword is better overall, with the the only thing Hardedge has on the Buster sword is like 15+ physical damage. With the Hardedge equipped, you lose HP, Mana, PHYS + MAG def.

Where can I buy force stealer?

Obtained. The Force Stealer can be won from the Junon parade if the player gets 100 or more points during Rufus Shinra’s send-off. It can also be purchased for 2,200 gil at North Corel.

Where can I buy Hardedge FFXV?

Hardedge can be purchased from the Culless Munitions in Lestallum, the Verinas Mart in Ravatogh, and from the Imperial vendor outside Steyliff Grove during Chapter 7 for 1,500 gil. It can also be found as a collectable at a wooden shack south of Pullmoor Haven in Duscae and in the Daurell Caverns dungeon.

How do you get the stairs in ff7 remake?

If You Choose The Stairs This is not automated, it’s not a cut-scene, you must walk up each and every single flight of stairs between the ground floor and the 59th floor. There are no items or boxes to collect on the way.

What is written on clouds Hardedge?

The blade has the kanji (一刀両断, Ittō ryōdan?, lit. one-bladed bisection) written on it, a Japanese term for “cutting into two with a single stroke”.

What is a SOLDIER in ff7?

SOLDIER is the elite fighting force of the Shinra Electric Power Company in the Final Fantasy VII universe. Its members are advanced super-soldiers with superhuman strength, speed, and agility.

Is yuffie in FF7 remake?

Fans are excited about the introduction of Yuffie Kisaragi in FF7R EPISODE INTERmission – the new episode for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE. Fortunately, the materia-loving ninja doesn’t disappoint.

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